Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Other Pair

Evan wore his second pair of new handmade pants today, made of red and white seersucker, this time without pockets. He requested a pink button on the front, so I sewed that on this morning. It was a good idea actually, since it will help him to figure out where the front of the pants are without the cues of tags or pockets.

When I was making these pants, I was convinced that they were going to look like pajamas, but they do not! I think the double stitching on the hem does a lot to give the pants a more finished look. Evan was a bit disappointed that I did not add pockets this time, but I really wanted to get this pair done quickly and I was, in fact, able to put them together in one day.

In case you are wondering, my boys have been obsessed with watering the weeds in this corner of our yard. Can you tell? If you've seen my pictures on my other blog (Mommy Repeat), you will know that brown and dirty are apt words to describe the world in which I live. This green looks downright unnatural!

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  1. so sweet and I absolutely adore the pink button!!