Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Must Be Learning Something

I started making some tote bags the other night to use as morning dressing bags for my boys. (We are working on little guy independence in our house.) I am using the instructions from Amanda Blake Soule's The Creative Family, but - and here is the exciting part - I changed the bag to add a lining and to make the dimensions smaller. All by myself.

I guess those buckets I made have found their way into an actual base of sewing knowledge and experience. I basically followed the same general process here as I did there.

I finished the first tote tonight and, other than some pretty crooked topstitching around the bag opening, it came out beautifully. I could probably pull out the topstitching and redo it because the machine actually missed the lower fabric in a few places, but I am not really ready to be a sewing perfectionist. I am still learning after all....

I think I might play with the dimensions again when I make the next bag. Something a little shorter and fatter would probably be better for little hands. I want to make fourteen of these - one for each day of the week for each boy. I will put an outfit in each one when I am folding laundry and then our older son, who is three and a half, can start getting himself dressed after he finishes his breakfast and the grown-ups are still working on ours. (If he is willing to participate, that is.)

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  1. Nicely done. I made some bedtime bags from Amanda's book for Christmas this year, using them as morning bags is a great idea, will have to make some more :)

    Love that you added the lining.