Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Have Actually Been Sewing

I have actually been sewing...just a little bit. I think I am going to do some tonight. I made two more morning tote bags for my boys and have done lots of washing, ironing and squaring off fabric. The ironing is actually growing on me a little bit, but I still really dislike cutting. I keep thinking a larger cutting mat will solve this problem, but maybe the problem is me...

Anyway, last night I was greatly productive, although not at all with sewing projects. I had a few other craft projects waiting to be finished (and of course lots of picking up, folding laundry, and other such things that wait for me every night). Thought I would share the crafts with you, even if this is a little removed from my sewing progress. Fun, nonetheless...

My husband and I finally finished the coat rack we have been talking about for weeks. We were inspired by this post on Pinterest and made it out of two pieces we cut from the branches we found on that windy day last month.

We sawed a bit off the back to help the branches sit flush against the wall, drilled recessed holes to hold the screws and screwed the branches into drywall anchors right inside our front door. We added a few hooks to the bottom of each and they were ready for little jackets and hats.

I also finished a set of homemade Valentine's Day cards that I helped the boys make for our extended family, again inspired by something I found on Pinterest. I will post pictures of these later because they just got in the mail today and I do not want to ruin the surprise. I will tell you for now that they are seriously adorable...

So tonight, more bags. And maybe I will finally get up the nerve to order some fabric samples for a few other projects that I have waiting in the wings - a dress for me and some placemats for the kids. Somehow, choosing fabric intimidates me...I think it would be easier if I could go straight to the store and feel my way around, but the fabric stores here are really lacking (lots of pink kitties and college sports logos). For anything other than cotton prints, I will have to turn to online sources.

Any advice about buying fabric online?

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