Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Desperately Seeking Sizing Advice

I really want to make something for myself. I have yet to make myself anything (other than my buckets) and I am really itching to do so. Not to mention that I could really use some new clothes. I bought a few patterns a while back and planned to jump right in, but I have been feeling a little intimidated.

First, I just cannot bring myself to by fabric locally. Our independent fabric store is a quilting store only - nothing but cotton prints. And the chains definitely cater to the majority - pink kitties and college football galore. I could probably root through with some effort and find something I could wear, but that is not really a job that I can do with two kids in tow. (Can anyone do this? I would love some advice!)

So, okay. I can buy fabric online and I have spent time on a few website...but once again, my lack of experience is rearing its ugly head. I just do not know anything about different types of fabrics, definitely not enough to choose something off of a computer screen.

Then here is the last problem keeping me more nervous than I should be. When I measure myself based on the Simplicity pattern I bought, I am a size 10. In ready-to-wear clothing, I am a size 00. (I am so, so sick of vanity sizing! The stores have almost sized me out completely! Some already have. And I have not changed my size or weight in a very, very long time. If I could only be a size 4 again...)

Can someone tell me if that is really possible. I have been reading around and most people seem to suggest that there is a difference of four sizes between ready-to-wear and pattern sizing, which would make me a size 4 (?) in pattern sizing. I do have a fairly wide rib cage and broad shoulders for my size, but I am small-chested, 5'4" and I weight around 115 pounds, I would guess. I have measured myself many times and I keep getting the same thing. I even cut out one of my patterns to fit a size 10, but I cannot bring myself to go any further.

Please help!


  1. There is a great difference in ready made clothing compared to the pattern sizing on the back of patterns. this article may help you out. Hope it helps. Stacy

  2. Use the measurements on the envelope and to hell with what size they say it is. You won't be sewing a size label into your garment! If you are really worried about fit, make it first in muslin, fit that, and then use the muslin to cut the pattern. That's the fashion designer way!

  3. Thanks for the advice. Starting with muslin sounds promising. Just to be clear, I am not resistant to size 10 because it makes me feel fat or anything. Honestly, I would much rather be a 10 than a 00, which really just sounds impossibly small when in fact I think my body is totally normal and perfect the way it is.