Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wonder Where This Is Going

I cut my jeans up last night and tore out the inside seam up the legs and in through the crotch. It took forever - jeans apparently have some seriously complicated seams.

Somehow, these are going to turn into a skirt, though I am not yet sure exactly how this is going to happen. I am still imagining I can somehow sew triangles of fabric from the lower part of the legs into the triangles left between the legs.

But I do know that I am going to have to straighten out the crotch area. I did not really think about this before I pulled the pants apart, but of course the fabric is cut with a notch on either side where it meets between the legs. Perhaps I can just cut this out to follow a more even line from the top down to the bottom of the fabric?

I know this project is way beyond my sewing capabilities, but even the process of tearing a complicated garment apart and finding how it was attached in the first place is teaching me enormous amounts. I feel like one of those kids who takes apart her toys and then cannot figure out how to get them back together again.

So, now I have three projects going at once.

  • I still have not finished Clayton's pants made from my old t-shirt. Hopefully I will make it out to pick up the elastic tomorrow and then those will be finished. I want to make a pair for older brother Evan as well.
  • I have fabric ready to cut to make a few more canvas buckets for the boys. Evan is looking forward to his with this colorful pencil fabric on the inside.
  • And of course, my jeans-to-skirt experiment.

More pieces of future projects waiting in my in my ideas basket as well. Not all of these are sewing projects, but there are a least a few in there. 

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  1. Goodbye to your favorite jeans....they served you well. Good luck with them becoming a skirt!