Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jeans-to-Skirt Project (Almost) Done

I was very productive last night. I finished Evan's yellow pants, which he wore today and which fit him perfectly! This is exciting of course because I made them, but also and mostly because he is incredibly skinny and not so tall, so his pants are always falling off of him on the top and dragging on the floor at the bottom. I do not think that he has had a pair of pants in his entire life that have really fit.

When Evan put the pants on this morning, I asked him what he thought of them and his first comment was, "They don't go under my feet." So even though the sewing itself remains somewhat flawed, these pants were still a big success.

Here is my little guy wearing them with the adorably colorful outfit that he picked out this morning.

After this five minutes of finishing work, I moved on to a seriously old pair of hand-me-down footie pajamas with holes in the toes. I might have just thrown them away, but Clayton can always use another pair of pajamas. We always seem to run out of them before laundry day somehow.

I am working on replacing the gripper fabric in some other pajamas of Clayton's and I thought about doing that here too, but it almost did not seem worth the extra effort. I mean, these things are old. So, I decided just to cut off the feet up to the ankle and hem the legs over the existing elastic, which stretches around the back of the ankle. The front of the leg without elastic is a little freer than one might normally see from kids'  pajamas, but the quick hem will do the trick and will allow these hand-me-downs to get even a little more life out of them.

A few minutes of not even remotely careful stitching and I was on to the project that was really pulling me for the evening, my jeans-to-skirt project. After picking up some matching thread last weekend, I was ready to put the back of the skirt together. I worked on the center seam first, trying to get it to blend as well as possible with the existing seam. And by "as well as possible," I mean only that I did not want the transition from existing seam to new seam to be glaringly obvious. I knew it would not be perfect - if that is what I had wanted, I would have pulled out the whole existing center seam and started a new one from the top. This skirt will look cobbled together because it is. Part of that is lack of expertise, part of it is laziness, but in a way, I kind of want the skirt to look repurposed...

Anyway, here is a (rather poor quality) picture of how it turned out. Still obvious, but maybe a little less so than if I had used the same approach as I did for the front of the skirt. And besides, if anyone notices the transition from one seam to the other, well... Anyone who wants to stare at me right there should probably keep it to themselves.

I attached the sides of the two triangles just as I did with the front of the skirt. This just left the hem. My husband helped me pin and then I sewed it twice, about a quarter inch apart, with the lighter grayish thread I used for the center seam.

It was late when I finished and my house has poor lighting even in the daytime. So I did not bother taking pictures. Just this one from the side view.

So it is finished...almost. I noticed, when I put it on after sewing the hem, that I stopped one of the seams in the back of the skirt about an inch too low. So there is a small but obvious hole there. I am going to try to hand stitch it tonight, though my hand stitching is even worse than my machine stitching, so hopefully I will not make a total mess of it.

If it works out and I can call the skirt complete, I will post some better pictures of it tomorrow.

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  1. I love when kids pick out their own clothes :) He looks adorable.

    I am looking forward to the day when my little man wears a pair of pants I have made...soon, very soon.

    Your skirt looks great, can't wait to see the final pics.