Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bright Yellow Pants!

My husband is currently in the last throes of his dissertation and has been working almost round the clock. He makes sure to be home some in the morning and at dinner and bedtime with the our little ones, but he often goes back to work after the kids go to bed and he works almost every day. This week was one of the rare ones where he took the whole day off on Saturday. Whenever this happens, I always dream big. I just so rarely have time that feels in any way free, so an extra set of hands around the house seems so much more substantial than it really is.

In any case, I was determined to spend some time sewing yesterday. I thought I would start during naptime and, since my husband was here, would continue a little bit after the boys woke up. Well, the new trend here is for my little one to wake up right when I leave my big boy's room, almost to the minute. So nap time starts and ends at exactly the same time. My husband took over with our little guy, so I had a few minutes of quiet time to finally finish Clayton's pants made from my old t-shirt. They fit well, though a little on the small side. My fault for waiting so long to finish a project for a little sprout who never stops growing.

By the time I finished Clayton's pants and had started working on a pair for Evan, both boys were up and wanted to be in the office with me. I had scissors, cutters, needles, and pins spread out everywhere and I spent the next ten or fifteen minutes trying to chase them out of the room over and over again while cleaning up the dangerous tools and simultaneously continuing my project. Okay, so it did not work at all...

But despite the struggle and thanks to my husband's wrangling abilities, I did manage to get the pants for Evan almost completed - just need to sew the elastic together and close the waistband.

These pants were much more complicated than Clayton's, since Evan is much taller and I could not cut out the fabric from the edge of the pants without running into the sleeve.

The whole shirt-to-pants thing is really designed more for a infant or toddler, it seems. I had to reverse the pair of pants I was using as a pattern, which meant that the easy seamless side seams were no longer.

Well, I cut the fabric, sewed up the side seams, cut the old t-shirt sides that would now become the crotch, and continued with the process as it was meant to be.

Oh, except for one other thing. The other rather annoying part of this project was that I selected a t-shirt with a breast pocket. Mistake number three. In an ideal world, the pocket would have ended up positioned perfectly so that the new pants would have a cute back pocket. Instead it fell where I would later be sewing the waistband. I had to carefully remove the pocket before I could do anything else.

It is about the process, right? And I do love the bright yellow color...

But the good news is that the reverse lever on my machine does work again since my husband superglued it on...well, sort of. It no longer switches to a reverse setting. Rather, I have to hold the lever down while I am sewing in order to backstitch. It is awkward, but much less so than reversing the entire fabric. Maybe I will still take the machine in to be repaired, but I imagine - knowing myself - that I will live with the annoyance for a little bit longer.

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