Saturday, December 17, 2011

Slippery Slipstitch

My last sewing project required me to do a slipstitch after stuffing the bowling pins and ball. I had no idea what this was and searched a few different websites, as well as the overly brief description of the stitch in my sewing book.

Here are some of the websites I looked at:

Threads: How to Do a Slipstitch

Hand Sewing Stitches: How to Sew a Slipstitch

Monkey See: Sewing - The Slipstitch

Wow, it looks easy when they do it! My fingers just do not seem to move like theirs do, but I am sure this will come with time.

My seams turned out okay (not beautiful but they will hold) and the slipstitch was do-able for a very beginner. A few things that still do not make sense to me...
  • How do you end the stitch?
  • Even though I tried hard not to pull the thread to tight, my seams still ended up puckered. 
  • And on a few of the pins, I had obviously not done my machine sewing correctly because there was more fabric on the one side of the seam than on the other. How do I account for this? Or would I have to pull the whole thing apart to fix it?
  • Even my seams that were less on the puckered side did not sit as flat as the machine sewn ones. Was this just from me pulling at the fabric to sew it? Will it flatten over time?
The most entertaining part of the process was that I was apparently concentrating so hard on the seam that I overshot myself repeatedly. I kept throwing the needle out of my hand when I was pulling the stitch tight. It would fly out of my hand to the length of the thread and the pop back against my hand, finally dangling down toward the floor. It had me giggling at myself the whole time!

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