Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just in time for Christmas

I finished my fabric gift bags last night. I decided not to sew ribbons into them because I was not sure how to make it come out well and I did not have enough time to fiddle with figuring it out. In the end, though, it turned out for the best. Since I chose fabric that was festive with out being explicitly Christmasy, I planned to be able to use the bags for other occasions as well. Most of the ribbons I had purchased however were very Christmasy, so I would have limited the bags' usage to this season alone.

I printed out some simple letters on card stock for gift tags, one for each of our names. My three-year-old cannot read yet, but does know his letters, so these tags will allow him to find his own gifts and even help to pass out other people's as well.

The gift bags were incredibly simple to make, especially because I did not add any kind of closure. They are just basic bags with a hem across the top. I was having one problem though as I was making them...and I think this is something I have seen when making other things as well. Every time I finished a machine stitch and pulled the fabric out, I noticed that the thread at the very end of the under-side was pulled out a bit. What am I supposed to do about this? Do I just cut it off? Is there a way to keep this from happening?

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  1. Do you backstich? In my expert opinion (hahaha), it will be okay if you backstich because there is enough overlap to protect the seam. Tell me if you find out something different.

    ps. i love the bags. Going to have to copy you, my smart sis!