Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Can't Cut It

After the past few weeks of constant projects, it felt strange today to have nothing to work on. I could not wait to make it to the fabric store for my buckets and thought I would try to come up with something simple to work on in between. I have been curious about several blog posts that I have seen about making toddler pants out of an old t-shirt (this one, for instance, at Crafty Gemini). Since my husband got a bag of hand-me-downs for Christmas and there were a few things that did not fit him, I decided to try this out. I was working with my three-year-old next to me, who was busy with his own glue-and-scissors project. Three-year-olds with glue and scissors require a bit of adult attention, so I did not get anymore done that simply cutting the fabric. But that is a start, at least.

While I was cutting, I noticed something that I have in fact noticed many times before. I am terrible at cutting! (The picture above, by the way, came after two or three total failures. Not perfect, but I think the pants will come out okay.) I cannot seem to cut even lines, even when I am cutting straight. Somehow, even when my fabric is as smooth as possible and I am cutting on a fold, I end up with two distinct shapes. When I was working on my gifts bags, made of simple rectangles, I screwed up so much a few times that I had to rip seams out and cut a smaller bag out of the mess. How can it be that I am so bad with scissors and never knew it?

Truth be told, I mix up yellow and orange all the time and had a serious problem with right and left well into adulthood. I cannot believe they passed me through kindergarten...


  1. A quilters ruler and a rotary cutter changed things tremendously for me! also, see my blog (and links) about sleevy pants.

  2. oh and... I mix up green and orange all the time. Just this morning, I was trying to say "orange stroller" but said "green stroller" while I was looking right at it. and.... I still struggle with my right and left, which makes me terrible for giving directions while in the passenger's seat. this is a real conversation between me and my mom when she was visiting.
    me: "Turn left here. Left. LEFT. LEFT. LEFT. LEFT! I said TURN LEFT!"
    mom: "I did turn left"
    me (sheepishly): "oh, I meant right".

    best, J