Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fidgety Project Day

Finally made it to the fabric store this morning, which made me as fidgety and fickle as my kids at the dinner table. I wanted to finish up the toddler pants that I started the other day, but the new fabric kept peeking out at me from my bag underneath the desk. Plus, at the recommendation of a very helpful reader, I purchased a rotary cutter as well and was pretty excited to try it out.

So, this afternoon, during the few minutes when both the kids were napping at the same time, I got out the toddler pants and started setting up my sewing machine. But I just could not say no to that bright green canvas, so I threw the pants aside and sat down to cut some fabric pieces for my canvas buckets.

I love the color of this fabric - a cheery, exuberant green. It put me in a happy mood just to sit on the floor with it for a little while. And the rotary cutter was SO MUCH fun! How amazingly easy to cut my rectangles and the lines were all straight and even. I was so enamored by the cutter and the lovely green fabric that I decided to cut an extra set of pieces for a second, larger bucket.

I would have kept at it for hours, I think. But I got interrupted...

Tonight I am back to the toddler pants and I finished stitching them together. But (aarrgh!) I forgot to buy elastic at the store today, so I still cannot get them completed. Assuming the elastic does not complicate things any, they really were so simple to make and should have been easy enough to finish in one sitting if there were not always one-year-olds climbing up bookcases right next to me. I am planning on making another few pairs for both of my boys. They will make great pants to throw into the diaper bag because they are so compact and easy to change into.

Now, back to cutting for the buckets again...Yes, this is how I am spending my New Year's Eve, with my husband doing yoga beside me. My backache is keeping me from joining him, but I do not mind too much. If our chosen activities for this end-of-the-year evening are any indication, I think they might just foretell a new year filled with simplicity and self-fulfillment.

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  1. climbing kidlets, I love it! nice job on the pants!